Enter A Room With:

  • ​Ecommerce founders and Digital Marketing Agencies who have built brands and product sales to over 1 BILLION dollars of revenue.
  • ​Business Intermediaries who have successfully guided over 650 million dollars of merger and acquisition transactions.
  • ​Private Equity and Investors who have billions of dollars to invest in eCommerce, tech, internet, and SaaS companies.
  • ​Service providers that enable the eCommerce Entities to scale to thousands of orders per day It’s your chance to tap into the power of this collective genius to connect and collaborate with some of the top minds in Internet Businesses, Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, Technology, and SaaS companies.

You’ll be among the lucky few to learn the strategies, tactics, and ideas to take your business to the next level and to Maximize Your Exit… or to add a company like this to your portfolio.

"Packed with High Caliber Individuals"

"Billions of dollars"

"Best Mastermind Ever!"

This Is An Exclusive Event

Some of the topics we'll cover:

  • ​The M&A Sales Process
  • ​Current Business Multiples
  • ​How Buyers Calculate The Value Of A Business
  • ​Identifying And Accessing Buyers
  • ​How To Decide If You Should Grow Or Sell
  • ​Packaging Your Business
  • ​Common Seller Mistakes
  • ​Becoming An Optimal Seller
  • ​Capital Gains Taxes
  • ​Negotiating And Structuring The Deal
  • ​Handling Inventory and Accounts Receivables
  • ​Working with the REAL Decision Maker - the Lender

So the reality is… your exit is up to you but with this information - your Maximum Exit is stacked heavily in your favor.

  • No more irrelevant content. Period. No more having to “sit through” painfully long powerpoints that go nowhere just hoping for a nugget you can use.
  • Also you get one of the most powerful Peer to Peer business collaborations you’ve ever experienced. Learn from everyone in the room, not just the one guy on stage.
  • Over 1 BILLION dollars in entrepreneurial power all in the same room. Giants of Ecommerce open up to discuss their most personal strategies, tactics and more. (a lot of which they never, ever discuss in public)
  • PLUS – the net leverage of this experience and learning that’s has 102 listings active, representing $520 million dollars of companies for sale RIGHT NOW. All with a repeatable templated formula that nets the highest multiples for our clients every time it happens!

Leverage The Power Of This Collective And…
Expand Your Business In Ways You Never Considered!

Maximum Exit is exactly what it says. We’re curating and bringing together the brightest, most serious, high-level eCommerce entrepreneurs and investors in those companies. They are humble, but they are paving the way to build businesses sought after by Private Equity, Family Offices, and Public Companies. They are the Legends of Ecommerce.

You’ll never find a dynamic like this at any other event or conference. You absolutely have to experience it in person.

This Event Is Not For Everyone...

Here’s the deal.

We created these events really out of frustration.

After speaking in front of thousands of people all around the world and hosting dozens of more traditional events we realized the core structure of almost every single event and conference was dramatically flawed.

Hundreds of people sitting in chairs staring at the stage.

People in the audience with real questions do not want to interrupt and actually ASK them for fear of blindsiding "the guru" or taking the entire room off track.

Trying to sift through all the extraneous information to find the nuggets of gold that would actually help an individual business.

Truth is… what we discovered is that the real networking and exchange of information was at the bar after the event ended for the day.

The intimate connection, the learning, the meeting of peers – THAT is what the true foundation of business is. And that’s the most powerful way to make an impact.

That’s why this event exists.

That’s what we do at Maximum Exit.

This is what you need to know if you plan to attend:

Additionally, there is one law—The Law of Two Feet: If you find yourself where you can’t learn or contribute, move yourself to a place where you can.

Everyone In This Group Is Ready To Help…

Learn The Value Points That Maximize Your Exit

  • Event Location:

    Aspen, Colorado

  • Event Dates:

    Dec 8-9, 2022

  • Event Breakdown:

    Arrive Dec 7 no later than 10 PM.
    Dec 8 - Sessions 9am-5pm
    Dec 9 - Sessions 9am-5pm

  • Breakfast and Lunch Provided Each Day.

  • Refreshments During Sessions Provided.

"For Anyone Serious about Ecommerce"

"Amazing Opportunity."

Take Your Business To The Next Level Today!

Make Maximum Exit Your Best Investment In Yourself And Your Business This Year!